Alternative Reference numberWWM/StrP/24-25
TitleMiscellaneous state papers
DescriptionSpeeches in Parliament (WWM/StrP/4/3/1-20)

Council of the North (WWM/StrP/4/3/21-44)

General English and Scottish affairs (WWM/StrP/4/3/45-76)

Miscellaneous foreign affairs (WWM/StrP/4/3/77-79)

General Irish affairs (WWM/StrP/4/3/80-141)

Irish revenues (WWM/StrP/4/3/142-164)

Establishment of a Mint in Ireland (WWM/StrP/4/3/165-171)

The Irish Customs and Trade Regulations (WWM/StrP/4/3/172-208)

The Irish Navy (WWM/StrP/4/3/209-232)

The Army of Ireland (WWM/StrP/4/3/233-274)

Land and plantations in Ireland (WWM/StrP/4/3/275-318)

Revenues and plantations in Athlone (WWM/StrP/4/3/319-336)

Irish industry and trade (WWM/StrP/4/3/337-350)

Irish petitions, case papers of private persons unconnected with official matters (WWM/StrP/4/3/351-427)

Papers in cases brought by Wentworth, on behalf of the Crown, against individuals (WWM/StrP/4/3/428-477):
The Foulis case (WWM/StrP/4/3/428-432)
Youghall College and the Earl of Cork (WWM/StrP/4/3/433-442)
The Mountmorris case (WWM/StrP/4/3/443-459)
Case of Nicholas Stephens, etc. (WWM/StrP/4/3/460)
The Piers Crosbie case (WWM/StrP/4/3/461-474)
Case of Lord Chancellor Loftus (WWM/StrP/4/3/475-477)

Imposts on wines (WWM/StrP/4/3/478-480)

Plans (unspecified) (WWM/StrP/4/3/481-482)
Date[16th - 17th cent]
Extent482 items
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