Title[Thomas] and Samuel Staniforth's Property at Darnall and Attercliffe, Sheffield
AdminHistoryThomas Staniforth was born in Sheffield in 1735. He later moved to Liverpool (Lancashire) where he prospered and became mayor in 1797. He died in 1803. His son, Samuel, was born in 1769 also also became mayor of Liverpool (he died in 1851).
DescriptionSurveys and rental
Date1760, 1804
Extent3 items
RelatedMaterialSee also MD 2733 and MD 2734 for a map and book of reference of the lands of Thomas Staniforth of Liverpool, in Attercliffe and Darnall, by John Needham, 1760.

Diary of [Thomas Staniforth (1735–1803) of Liverpool and Darnall, Sheffield] (Sheffield City Archives: X755/1)

Diaries, letterbooks, memorandum books, notebook, receipts etc of Thomas Staniforth are available at Liverpool Record Office (ref. 920 STI).
CustodialHistoryPurchased for £140.
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