TitleWalker and Hall, Silverware Manufacturers, Sheffield
AdminHistoryThe business was established in Sheffield in 1845 by George Walker. The firm was initally known as George Walker and Company, electroplaters and guilders, 11 Howard Street. After becoming an assistant to Dr John Wright of Birmingham, who had conducted important experiments on electroplating, Walker secured the royalty of electroplating for Sheffield. Walker was joined in business by Henry Hall and the firm became Walker and Hall in 1853. Walker and Hall first registered a mark at Sheffield Assay Office in May 1862, with revised marks registered in 1868, 1873, 1876, 1877, 1892, 1894 and 1896.

The firm's operations remained centred at Howard Street, Sheffield (expanding also to Eyre Street by the 1880s). Showrooms were also opened at 45 Holborn Viaduct, London, and branches later opened in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast, Hull, Bristol, Melbourne and Adelaide (Australia) and Cape Town (South Africa). Walker and Hall was converted into a limited liability company in 1920 under the style Walker and Hall Limited. It was combined in 1963 under the British Silverware Limited with another Sheffield silver manufacturing firm, Mappin and Webb, and the Birmingham firm Elkington and Company.
DescriptionPattern/Description Books, 1906 - 1963 (X290/1)
Registers of Badges and Punches , 1910 - 1967 (X290/2)
Photographs, 1910 - c. 1955 (X290/3)
Date1906 - 1967
Extent4 items
RelatedMaterialRelated Material at Sheffield Archives:

Walker and Hall (previously Bingham and Hall) and Mappin and Webb, Silverware Manufacturers, Sheffield, 1848 - 1929 (Walker and Hall: ledger, 1842 - 1853, volume of contracts of employment, 1875 - 1883; Mappin and Webb: deed of arrangement, 1890, and tables of sales, 1925 - 1929) (Ref. MD6189-6192).

Walker and Hall (including letter book and pattern books), c. 1913 - c. 1958 (Ref. MD6642-6646).

Walker and Hall catalogue, 1939 (Ref. SY81/Z/3/1).

Letters from E. Bellamy to Mr W. H. Juggins regarding his appointment to work at Walker and Hall, 1908 (Ref. MD8201).

Mappin and Webb (pattern/description books, silverware drawings (blueprints), photograph albums, product lists), 1910 - 1967 (Ref. X291).

Mappin and Webb Limited planning application files: various, 1929 - 1954 (Ref. CA 206/32478a-n); additions and alteration to factory, 1953 (Ref. CA206/32478l).

Letters from Frederick Mappin, of Sheffield, c. 1876 (Ref. SLPS51/763, 839, 1081).

Elkington and Company, Silverware Manufacturers, Birmingham, photographic catalogues, c. 1960 - 1961 (Ref. X289).

Sheffield Assay Office, 1773 - 2008 (Ref. SAO).

British Silverware Limited, Royal Works, Queens Road, Sheffield, auction catalogue: plant, machinery and office furnishings, 1971 (Ref. MD6537/3).

Secondary sources available in searchroom library:

Sheffield Assay Office, The Sheffield Assay Office Register: A copy of the register of the persons concerned in the manufacture of silver wares, and of the marks entered by them from 1773 to 1907 (Sheffield: William Townsend and Sons, 1911) (Ref. SHE BUS).

Sheffield Assay Office, Sheffield Assay Office 1773 - 1973 (Sheffield, 1973) (Ref. SHE BUS).

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Bradbury, Frederick, History of Old Sheffield Plate, Being an Account of the Origin, Growth and Decay of the Industry and of the Antique Silver and White or Britannia Metal Trade, with Chronical Lists of Makers' Marks and Numerous Illustrations of Specimens (London: Macmillan and Company Limited, 1912) (Ref. BRA BUS O).

Various other printed secondary sources on the Sheffield cutlery industry are also available.

Related Material at Sheffield Local Studies Library:

Bradbury, Frederick, Newspaper Cuttings, p. 31 (features description of dinner held to celebrate the age of the firm Walker and Hall) (Ref. 942.74 SF).

Histories of Famous Firms (1957) (contains illustrated historical account of Walker and Hall) (Ref. 338.4 SQ).

Quality of Sheffield, vol. 4, no. 3 (March 1957), p. 74 (brief history of Walker and Hall) (Ref. 380 SQ).

Quality of Sheffield (Dec 1955), p. 36 (photograph and note on crown and sceptre made for the King Allagoa of Nembe, Nigeria) (Ref. 380 SQ).

Quality of Sheffield, vol. 9 no. 6 (June 1962), p. 52 (details of Walker and Hall design centre award) (Ref. 380 SQ).

The Ironmonger, 25 April 1953, p.766 (photograph and description of Walker and Hall ceremonial mace made for the Mayor of Freetown [Sierra Leone]) (Ref. 671 STQ).

Miscellaenous Newspaper Cuttings, vol. 5, p. 121 (details of scheme for aged work people in the employ of Walker and Hall) (Ref. 942.74 SQ).

Newspaper Cuttings relating to Sheffield, vol. 20, p. 7 (pictorial article on Walker and Hall) (Ref. 942.74 SF).

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'Some Notable Sheffield Works' [1937], photocopy from Metallurgia, vol. 16 (September 1937) (Ref. MP 3436 M PHOTOCOPY).

Tatton, Henry, Sheffield vol. 1 (1929 - 1932) (contains sketch of Walker and Hall factory in Howard Street in 1945 on p. 36) (Ref. 942.74 SQ).

Tatton, Henry, Sheffield vol. 3 (1929 - 1932) (contains note on Walker and Hall Howard Street/Surrey Lane works on p. 506) (Ref. 942.74 SQ).

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Walker and Hall, Programme of visit of Prince Albert, Victor of Wales, to the works on Howard Street, on the occasion of the opening of the Cutlers Company Industrial Exhibition on 1 July 1885 (Sheffield: Pawson and Brailsford, 1885) (Ref. MP 473 S).

Walker and Hall, Programme of visit of His Highness the Duke of Teck (by invitation of the Master Cutler, J F Atkinson) on Friday 4 November 1892 (Sheffield: Pawson and Brailsford, 1892) (Ref. MP 1087 S).

Walker and Hall, [Catalogue:] Knife, Fork and Plate (1902) (Ref. 338.4 SST).

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Walker and Hall Limited, Catalogue (Derby, 1925) (Ref. 739.2 SQ).

Walker and Hall Limited, Catalogue of Choice Gifts (Derby, 1933) (Ref. 739.2 SQ).

Walker and Hall Limited, Catalogue of gold, sterling silver, silver plate, pewter, cabinets, cut crystal, instantanteous plate cleaner, etc. (1938) (Ref. 739.2 SSTQ).

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Walker and Hall Limited, 'On War Service 1939 - 1945' (1947), in Local Pamphlets, vol. 174, no. 2 (Ref. 042 S).

Walker and Hall Limited, Catalogue of glass, leather, jewellery, clocks, watches, etc. (Leicester) [1950s] (Ref. 683.82 SST).

Walker and Hall Limited, Catalogue of Hotel Plate and Cutlery (London) [1950s] (Ref. 683.82 SST).

Walker and Hall Limited, 'Silver and Steel: the making of silverware, cutlery and plate' (1957), in Local Pamphlets, vol. 11, no. 3 (Ref. 042 SQ).

Walker and Hall Limited, Price List (Sheffield, Jun 1960, revised and reprinted Dec 1960) (Ref. 683.82 SST).

Walker and Hall Limited, Catalogue: Stainless Steel (1963) (Ref. MP 1275 S).

Walker and Hall Limited, Catalogue of cabinets, canteens, spoons, forks, cutlery, etc [20th cent] (Ref. TRC WALK).

Walker and Hall Limited, The Home of Craftsmanship : an illustrated catalogue of gold, sterling silver, silver-plate, cutlery, cabinets and pewter [20th cent] (Ref. TRC WALK).

Various news articles, 1892 - 1957, relating to Walker and Hall are also available in the Sheffield Local Register, Sheffield Telegraph and Sheffield Star (see indexes at Sheffield Local Studies Library for further details).

Various books and secondary printed sources relating to the cutlery and silver manufacturing industry are also available (contact the library for further details).
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