TitleMinute Book
Description24 Oct 1952 - Branch rejects as "insulting" the offer by employers' representatives of 7s. 4d. per week for engineering workers. Overtime and piece work ban suggested if the award is not increased to a "sensible" level.

2 Jan 1953 - Branch dissociates itself from the Chair of the Trade Union Congress Tom O' Brien's message to Winston Churchill of hoped for success on his visit to America [United States of America].

16 Jan 1953 - Branch responds to Trade Union officials stating that workers should work harder; also not to yield to pressures to de-nationalise the steel industry; further resolution regarding the ceasefire in Korea.

5 Jun 1953 - concern expressed at the quality of knives and scissors supplied to Sheffield school children [by Ibbersons], "which discredits the name of Sheffield".

9 Oct 1953 - British government's actions in using troops to suspend the constitution in British Gu[i]ana [Guyana] condemned. Branch demands that the troops be withdrawn.

4 Dec 1953 - visiting speaker Nolan addresses the Branch on "the problem of backward children as a social problem". Figure of 18,000 Sheffield children quoted, with only one special centre at Firth Park serving the city.

26 Feb 1954 - Branch condemns members of the Parliamentary Labour Party who voted for the rearmament of Western Germany [West Germany], "it not being in the interest of the working class of Britain and a danger to World Peace".

22 Apr 1955 - membership urged to fight for a return of a Labour government, and return MPs who will fight for a real Socialist policy.
Date15 Aug 1952 - 14 Nov 1955
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