TitleMeeting Papers
DescriptionGroup Papers:
Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Financial Results, 30 Sep 1948;
Managing Director's Report, 9 Dec 1948;
Trading Position for Oct 1948;
Secretarial Statistics, 8 Dec 1948;
Statement of Assets, Liabilities, Reserves and Capital, 30 Sep 1948;
Reconciliation of Profits, 30 Sep 1948;
Comparative Turnover and Profits, Jan/Sep 1947 and 1948;
Estimated Trading Profit for Sep 1948;
Comparative Statement of Stocks and Work-in-Progress, Sep 1948 and Dec 1947;
Estimate of Cash to be Refunded in Respect of Government Contracts, 30 Nov 1948;
Labour Report for Dec 1948.

Firth Brown Steels Limited:
Trading Position, Oct 1948;
Orders Entered/Deliveries Invoiced for Nov 1948;
Summary of Shop Production, Nov 1948.

Firth Brown Tools Limited, Tool Manufacturers, Sheffield:
Secretarial Statistics, 6 Dec 1948.
Orders Entered/Deliveries Invoiced for Nov 1948.

Firth Brown Engineering Division [Trading as Firth Brown Engineers Limited, Engineers, Sheffield]:

Firth-Vickers Stainless Steels Limited, Steel Manufacturers, Sheffield:
Report, 10 Dec 1948.

Firth-Derihon Stampings Limited, Forged Component Manufacturers, Tinsley:
Report, 8 Dec 1948.
Date15 Dec 1948
Extent1 item
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