TitleAgenda and Papers
Group Monthly Report, Mar 1980;
Steel Division Report, Mar 1980;
Rod and Wire Division Report, Mar 1980;
Engineering Division Report, Mar 1980;
Property Report, May 1980;
Summary of Agreements concerning Copper Rod Mill/BICC;
United States Re-Financing;
Chart Showing Cash Position, Dec 1978 - Apr 1980;
Firth-Derihon Stampings Limited, Forged Component Manufacturers, Tinsley - Building Extension at Darley Dale Factory to House an Increased Production Machine Shop and Ultrasonic Testing Facility;
Glossop Superalloys Limited, Superalloy Manufacturers, Sheffield - Project to Maximise VIM Output of Glossop Superalloys;
Briggs and Townsend - The Acquisition of Scott Bader's Urethane Business;
Cannon-Muskegon Corporation, Alloy Manufacturers, Muskegon, Michigan, USA - AOD Project;
Pension Scheme Reports;
Date13 May 1980
Extent16 pieces
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