TitleBrymbo Steel Company Limited, Steel Manufacturers, Brymbo, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales
AdminHistoryThe Brymbo Steelworks was a former large steelworks in the village of Brymbo near Wrexham, Wales. The works was founded by John 'Iron Mad' Wilkinson who built a blast furnace on the site in 1793, just after he bought Brymbo Hall. A second furnace was built by 1805 and a third about 1869, but from 1892 no more than two were used, and from 1912 only one.

After Wilkinson's death, his estate was contested between his natural children and legitimate heirs and the works passed through various hands. By 1841, it passed to the Brymbo Iron Company, which was managed from 1846 by William Henry Darby and Charles Edward Darby, grandsons of Abraham Darby III of Coalbrookdale. After their deaths in 1882 and 1884 respectively, the business was incorporated as Brymbo Steel Company Limited.

The business changed company name in 1934 and 1948, on the latter occasion becoming Brymbo Steel Works Limited. Thomas Firth and John Brown Limited, Sheffield, took managerial responsibility for the company during the Second World War. The company became part of GKN with the 1948 name change and a branch of GKN Steel Company Limited in the early 1960s. It was nationalised in 1967, becoming a division of British Steel Corporation. The steelworks finally closed in 1990.
DescriptionX331/1 - Corporate and Management Records
X331/2 - Legal Records
X331/3 - Financial Records

The collection consists of the records of Brymbo Steel Company, Steel Manufacturers, Brymbo, Wrexham as acquired by Johnson and Firth Brown Limited, Steel Manufacturers, Sheffield.

Records of GKN Steel Limited, Steel Manufacturers (X344) and Johnson and Firth Brown Limited, Steel Manufacturers, Sheffield (X306) are catalogued separately.
Date1940 - 1944
Extent58 items
RelatedMaterialSee also:
Johnson Firth Brown Limited, Steel Manufacturers, Sheffield (X306);
GKN Steel Limited, Steel Manufacturers (X344).
CustodialHistoryThese records were deposited at Sheffield Archives via the Archivist at Cutlers Hall, Sheffield by Firth Rixson PLC in 1993. They had presumably remained in the custody of Firth Rixson PLC and its predecessors prior to this time.
AcquisitionSourceCutlers Hall, Sheffield, 3 Dec 1993.
ArchNoteCatalogue prepared by James Towe, Jul 2009 - Oct 2010.
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