Items described as miscellanea tend to be religious, Christmas and new year cards or illustrations of flowers, cats, etc.

p. 1 invitations from the Cutlers Company to attend a ball to celebrate the marriage of HRH Albert Edward, Prince of Wales [later Edward VII], Mar 1863;
p. 2 invitation to Thomas Jowitt to dine with the Master Cutler, Mark Firth, and the Corporation, 1867;
p. 3 press cuttings of the above wedding and also Albert Jowitt's paper read at the Sheffield Field Naturalists Society, [1860s];
p. 4 Hawthorn Lodge Sheffield, programme for 'characteristic negro songs by two gunners of the 4th W. Y. [West Yorkshire] Artillery, followed by Charles Selby's original comedy 'The Boots at the Swan', to conclude with an 'Ethopian Entertainment' by two of the original Christy's Minstrels';
p. 5 miscellanea;
p. 6 press cutting, 'Alarming railway collision at Penistone', [1870s?];
p. 7 In memoriam card, Clara Alice Stower, infant daughter of Charles John and Clara Ann Stower of All Saints Vicarage, Sudbury, Suffolk (died Jul 1878) and Mary Emmeline, daughter of Rev Samuel and Emmeline Chorlton, died Jan 1876, to be interred at Christ Church, Pitsmoor;
pp. 8 - 10 verse on W. E. Gladstone's ill health and other miscellanea;
p. 11 information leaflet for The Bridge of Allan Hydropathic Establishment, midway between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland [1890s];
p. 12 Lines 'addressed to my Sunday School Class when failing health obliged me to give up teaching', Helen Wake, Rock End [?Staffordshire], [?1890s];
p. 13 illustration of unidentifed church [?Sudbury, Suffolk];
p. 14 press cutting on Rev Samuel Chorlton of Pitsmoor preaching at Sudbury, Suffolk [?1870s - 1890s];
p. 15 new year address [annual report] to the parishioners and congregation of All Saints, Sudbury [Suffolk], [?1870s - 1890s] and two sermons by the Rev C. J. Stower, 1877;
pp. 16 - 19 miscellanea;
p. 20 photograph of exhibition stand of Thomas Jowitt and Sons, Sheffield, J. M. Perret Depositaire A Paris, 8 Rue Sambre & Meuse, 8, [?Paris Exhibition, 1867];
pp. 21-23 non-local;
p. 23 religious tracts;
p. 24 national illustration;
p. 25 photograph of decorated arch, with 'Welcome to Sheffield' [date and location unknown], c. 1900?;
pp. 26-34 non local (page 30 are verses on the death of Prince Albert to the tune of the National Anthem (Our Royal widow, bless!) [c. 1861];
p. 35 includes an invitation to Pitsmoor Vicarage to hear Rev J. Lofthouse, Missionary from Hudson's Bay, North West America, talk about his work with the Eskimo and Chippewyan Indians, Apr 1889;
pp. 36-40 non local (includes Christmas cards,including one from Alfred Beckett of Burngrove [sic] House, Pitsmoor, 1895);
pp. 40-44 papers regarding mechanical engineering students of The Finsbury Technical College, [London], 1880s - 1890s, etc;
pp. 45-56 non local (mainly pressed flowers);
p. 57 newspaper reports on the opening of the new Medical School at Sheffield (Leopold Street), [1888];
p. 58 pressed plant;
p. 59 and 61 colour illustrations of the sea front at Scarborough [North Yorkshire], late 19th cent;
p. 60 non local;
p. 62 unidentified photograph of a gentleman [Jowitt?];
p. 63 unidentified photograph of a building and church;
pp. 64-65 blank;
p. 66 invitation from Mr and Mrs Edward Birks of Birchcliffe, Broomhall Park for dancing at the Cutlers' Hall, Dec 1885;
p. 67 programme of entertainment given by the pupils at Pitsmoor College, Dec 1885;
pp. 68-69 non local;
p. 70 programme for fairy tales at Hawthorn Lodge [exact location unknown]. Various characters were played by Jowitts, Jan 1881;
p. 71 photograph of an unidentified house, late 19th cent.
pp. 72-75 non local (mainly Christmas cards);
p. 76 menu and toast card for the Cutlers' Feast, Sep 1881;
pp. 77-79 non local (including an entrance ticket to Block Q, Constitution Hill Stand at the Royal Diamond Jubilee, 22 Jun 1897) (available to view on arc01400);
p. 80 photograph of Thomas Jowitt and Sons display at Paris, [?1855]; Hints on heating, hardening and tempering steel ... Albert Jowitt to which is added 'Frothingham and Workman's circular of Thomas Jowitt and Sons, cast, spring, machinery, agricultural and other steels, warehouses and offices, St Paul Street, Montreal, [Canada], 1874;
p. 81 Steel and How to Work it, A. A. Jowitt, Sheffield, 19th cent., card relating to 'prize medals awarded to T Jowitt and Sons (London 1851, Paris 1855; London 1862 and Paris 1878) for files of good quality ...; advertisement for Thomas Jowitt and Sons, Scotia Works, manufacturers of every description of steel, files and engineers' tools, steel convertors, refiners, tilters and forgers, importers of Swedish and Russian irons, and general merchants, Sheffield', 19th cent.;
pp. 82-88 papers regarding Sheffield Women's Christian Temperance Association; Sheffield Gospel Temperance Union (including a list of members and also a blue ribbon (worn by those who took a pledge of abstinence), 1870s - 1880s;
p. 89 invitation and newspaper cuttings regarding the marriage of Edith Margaret Jowitt and Lewis John Firth, 2 Mar 1886;
p. 90 newspaper report on the election of A A Jowitt in the Brightside local election, ?1880s;
pp. 91-96 miscellaneous newspaper cuttings / non local items;
pp. 97-98 papers regarding the establishment of the Primrose League [to promote Conservative values] in Sheffield, 1886;
p. 99 non local;
pp. 100-102 various invitations;
p. 103 newspaper cuttings regarding the Cutlers' Feast of 1882;
pp. 105-107 various newspaper cuttings;
p. 108 invitation, programme and newspaper report for an 84th Regiment Ball (on the front is 'India Peninsula'); dance card for an event at Shirecliffe House, Jan 1872;
p. 109 detailed report on the wedding of [Clara Ann Jowitt], a daughter of Thomas Jowitt to Charles Stower, at All Saints, Pitsmoor, ?1870s;
pp. 110-111 non local or miscellaneous;
p. 112 newspaper report on the royal visit to Sheffield of the Prince and Princess of Wales [later Edward VII] Aug 1875;
p. 113 non local.
Date[c. 1863 - 1890s]
Extent1 item
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