TitleAnnual Reports on the Health of the City of Sheffield
DescriptionThe report for 1938 includes reference to:

Abortion; Additional Water Closet Accommodation; Area of City and Sub-Districts; After-Care Work; Age Distribution of Population; Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act; Ambulance Facilities; Ante-Natal Clinics; Areal Comparability Factor; Ashbins; Atmospheric Pollution; Bacteriological and Chemical Work; Births and Birth-rates; Birth Control; Clinic Boarding out of Children; Canal Boats Acts; Casualties; Chart showing death-rates per million from all causes; Chart showing vital and mortal statistics; Chart showing tuberculosis in Sheffield, Great Towns and England and Wales; Child Life Protection; Child Welfare; Children's Homes; City Extensions; City Hospital For Infectious Diseases Cu; General Hospitals; City General Hospitals: Almoner's Department; City General Hospital Closet Accommodation; Conversion of Privies, Water Closets, etc; Day Nurseries; Deaths and Death rates; Dental Treatment; Diphtheria Immunisation; Diseases or Animals Acts and Orders; Disinfection and Cleansing; Disinfestation; Domiciliary Midwifery; Domiciliary Treatment of Tuberculosis; Drain Testing; Dried Milk; Examination of Sputa; Expectant Mothers-Care of Children; Factories and workplaces; Families; Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act; Fish Frying Premises; Food and Drugs; Fulwood Cottage Homes; Grinders and cutlers, mortality of; Gynaecology; Health Visitors' Work; Herries Road and Scattered Homes; Homes for Mothers and Infants; Hospitals etc., Library Services; Hospitals; Houses; Houses-Let-In-Lodgings; Housing Acts; Housing of Tuberculosis Cases; Ice Cream Trade; Illegitimacy; Infant Welfare Clinics; Infant Mortality; Infectious and other notifiable diseases; Under Age Periods; Infectious and other notifiable diseases in Registration Sub-Districts and Wards; King Edward VII Hospital; Large Towns, statistics relating to Marriages and marriage rates; Massage etc; Material mortality; Maternity and Child Welfare Maternity and Nursing Homes Maternity Clinics; Maternity Hospitals; Meat Inspection; Medical Out-relief; Merchandise Marks Act; Meteorology; Midwifery; Milk Supply; Minor Ailments Clinics; Mortality at certain age periods; Municipal Wards and Registration Sub-Districts; Neo-Natal Mortality; Nether Edge Hospital; Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis; Notification of Births; Nuisances; Nursing Homes; Offensive Trades; Orthopaedic Clinics; Pathological Examinations; Paving of courts; Persons per acre; Pharmacy and Poisons Act, 1933; Poor Law Medical Out-Relief Population; Post Natal Clinics; Potted Meat Trades; Premature Births; Prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis; Prevention and treatment of Venereal Diseases; Public Health Staff; Rag- Flock Acts; Rateable Value; Registration Sub-Districts and Municipal Wards: Description, Population, Vital Statistics, Etc; Registration Sub-Districts and Municipal Wards: Infectious and Other Notifiable Disease; Registration Sub-Districts and Municipal Wards: Infant Mortality; Rickets Clinic; Sanatorium Treatment; Sanitary Administration; Sanitary Inspectors' work; Sheffield Queen Victoria District Nursing Association; Shops Act, 1934; Smoke Abatement; Smoke Inspectors' work; Stillbirths; Summary of statistics; Surgical Tuberculosis; Tuberculosis Inspectors' Work; Tuberculosis: Institutional Treatment; Tuberculosis In Large Towns; Tuberculosjs: Out-Patient Supervision; Tuberculosis: Mortality of Grinders and Cutlers; Tuberculosis: Re-Housing of Infectious Cases; Ultra-Violet Light Treatment; Vaccination; Venereal Diseases; Veterinary Supervision of Corporation Animals; Violence; Vital and Mortal Statistics; Water Supply; X-Ray Work; Infectious and Other Diseases; Acute Poliomyelitis; Bronchitis; Cancer; Cerebro-Spinal Fever; Chicken Pox; Diarrhoea and Enteritis; Diphtheria; Dysentery; Encephalitis; Lethargica Erysipelas; Food Poisoning; Gonorrhoea; Influenza; Malaria; Measles; Mumps; Ophthalmia; Neonatorum; Polio Encephalitis; Pneumonia; Puerperal Diseases; Scarlet Fever; Smallpox; Syphilis; Tuberculosis; Typhoid and Paratyphoid Fever; Undulant Fever; Whooping Cough.

The report for 1961 includes: Public Health Staff; General Statistics; Vital Statistics; Maternity and Child Welfare (Care of Mothers and Young Children); An Investigation into infant mortality; The Social Problem Group; Dental Services; Midwifery; Health Visiting; Home Nursing; Vaccination and Immunisation; Ambulance Services; Prevention of Tuberculosis; Care and After-Care; Domestic Hel; Welfare Services for Blind and Partially Sighted Persons; Welfare Services for the Deaf; Welfare Services for Other Handicapped Persons; Social Psychiatry Service; General Public Health Inspection; Osgathorpe Disinfecting Station; Cleaner Air; Housing and Slum Clearance; Food and Drug; Meat Inspection; Health Education; Meteorology; Public Health Under The Improvement Commissioners (1818-1865).
Date1938 - 1972
Extent25 items
FormatPaper - printed
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