TitleFulwood Afternoon Townswomen's Guild, Sheffield
AdminHistoryThe Fulwood Afternoon Townswomen's Guild was a local branch of a national organisation, the Townswomen's Guild (dating back to 1929) which had its origins in the 'suffragist' movement. The Townswomen's Guild was established in the wake of the enfranchisement of women and out of a drive to establish an organisation aimed at ordinary women living in the nation's towns and cities, where members could meet regularly to advance their education and citizenship, develop new skills, exchange ideas, discuss topical issues and organise charitable events. The first Sheffield Guild (Crosspool) was formed in 1939.

The first meeting of the Fulwood Afternoon Townswomen's Guild was held on 19th February 1959 at Nether Green Methodist Church, Sheffield, chaired by Mrs W. Allen, a National Union of Townswomen's Guilds representative. It was agreed at this meeting that subsequent meetings would be held on the third Thursday of each month in the afternoon at 2.30pm in the Nether Green Methodist Schoolroom. Mrs G. Parnham was elected as the group's first chairperson. Later meetings were variously held at the Fulwood Church Guild Hall (from 1960), at the Hallam Methodist Church, Nether Green (from August 1966), and at Fulwood Church Hall (from Nov 1970). Minutes of the Executive Committee initially took place at 20 Tom Lane, Sheffield, which was then the home of one of the committee members, Mrs D. Rouse. It was agreed at this meeting that the Executive Committee should meet on the first Monday of each month at 2.30pm at Mrs Rouse's home (20 Tom Lane). From December 1967 onwards, the Executive Committee met at the homes of other Committee members, who tended to share hosting duties on a rotating basis from month to month.

The Fulwood Afternoon Townswomen's Guild was affiliated to the Sheffield Cutler Federation of Townswomen's Guilds (the president of which was the Mistress Cutler). The Fulwood Guild established various sub-sections including 'Drama', 'Arts and Crafts', 'Social Studies', 'Music' and 'Bridge' sections, and arranged a range of social and recreational activities, outings, guest speakers, coffee mornings, charitable events, etc., for its members.

At the final meeting of the Fulwood Afternoon Townswomen's Guild on 24 January 2008, the members agreed that the outstanding balance from their accounts would be given to the 'Fulwood Evening Guild', a group which apparently continued after the winding up of the 'afternoon' guild.
DescriptionMinutes of Meetings, 1959 - 2008 (X651/1)
Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings, 1959 - 2008 (X651/2)
Attendance Registers, 1959 - 2008 (X651/3)
Scrapbook, 1988 - 2003 (X651/4)
Date1959 - 2008
Extent18 items
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