TitleCharles James Feather (1871 - 1945), Sheffield Volunteer Defence Corps
AdminHistoryCharles James Feather was born in Egbaston, Birmingham in 1871. In 1898, he married Annie Constance Dagnall (1879 - 1959) and they had seven children: Charles John Feather (born 1899), Frederick Henry H. Feather (born 1900), Annie Elizabeth Feather (born 1902), Margaret Beatrice Feather (born 1906), Constance Maud Feather (born 1909), Frances Mabel Feather (born 1910) and Robert Edward Feather (born 1911), By 1901, Charles James Feather managed a tinplate holloware business and lived with his family in Yardley on the outskirts of Birmingham.

During the First World War, Charles James Feather resided at 42 Guest Road, Sheffield and served in the Sheffield Volunteer Defence Corps until March 1915 when he moved back to Birmingham. In Sheffield, Feather became Commander of 'Number 6 Platoon' which was one of four platoons under the 2nd Battalion 'B' Company of the Sheffield Volunteer Defence Corps. He was also a member of the Ranmoor Rifle Club whilst resident in Sheffield.

The Sheffield Volunteer Defence Corps was originally known as the Chief Constable of Sheffield's Civilian Corps, formed in Sheffield in August 1914 to train men who were over military age or who were ineligible to enlist in His Majesty's Forces for other reasons (e.g. medical/employment, etc.) . In January 1915, the corps joined other volunteer units in Sheffield to become the Sheffield Defence Corps (later the Sheffield Volunteer Defence Corps). The corps was affiliated to the Central Association Volunteer Training Corps (recognised by the War Office). The corps undertook duties in support of the civil and military authorities and in 1916 became part of the West Riding Volunteer Regiment and in 1918 formed the Volunteer Battalions of the York and Lancs. Members of local defence corps were instructed to be prepared to assist other parts of country in the event of air raids or invasions and were asked to train themselves in shooting, marching, reconnaitring and digging field entrenchments, etc.

Charles James Feather died in Moseley, Birmingham on 17 May 1945.
DescriptionLetters and papers of Charles James Feather in connection with his service for the Sheffield Volunteer Defence Corps.
DateAug 1914 - Mar 1915
Extent10 items
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AcquisitionSourceThese items were donated to Sheffield Archives in Oct 2014 by the grandson of Charles James Feather.
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