TitleGatty and Ewing family papers
AdminHistoryThese papers were presented to the County Library (Wakefield) by Colonel and Lady Mabel Smith to form part of the permanent 'Yorkshire Collection'. They were later donated to Sheffield Archives by Wakefield Library.

Margaret Gatty (1809 - 1873):
Margaret Gatty was a well known writer on natural history and children's writer. She was the author of a standard work 'History of British Seaweeds' (1863), and had an Australian alga and a type of marine worm named after her. After her marriage to Rev Alfred Gatty in 1839 she lived the rest of her life at Ecclesfield. Mother of Juliana Horatia Gatty (later Ewing).

Rev Alfred Gatty (1813 - 1903)
Born in London, 1813. Vicar of Ecclesfield 1839 - 1903. Regular lecturer at the Sheffield Literary and Philosophical and published numerous works. Father of of Juliana Horatia Gatty (later Ewing).

Juliana Horatia Ewing (1841 - 1885):
Juliana Horatia Ewing was a well known children's writer of Ecclesfield. Her story 'The Brownies' gave their name to the junior Girl Guides. She was known as Aunt Judy and featured in her mothers works: Aunt Judy's Tales (1859), Aunt Judy's Letters (1862), and Aunt Judy's Magazine (1866–82). Most of Juliana's work appeared first in Aunt Judy's Magazine. Juliana was the daughter of the Reverend Alfred Gatty, scholar, editor, and vicar of the parish of St Mary's, Ecclesfield for 63 years. She was born at Ecclesfied in 1841. Following her mother Margaret into the world of letters, Juliana became a well loved children's author, being best remembered now for Jackanapes, Lob Lie-by-the-Fire, A Flat Iron for a Farthing and The Story of a Short Life. Following her marriage in 1867 Ewing lived at Fredericton in New Brunswick, Canada until 1869. Her letters home bring Fredericton society to life, from her household chores, to canoeing parties and sleigh rides. They then lived at Aldershot and later Devon. Her husband, Major Alexander Ewing, had numerous postings in addition to Fredericton, for example, Malta and Sri Lanka, though Juliana did not accompany him due to her health. She died at Bath in 1885.

Horatia Katharine Frances Gatty (1846 - 1945)
Horatia, born in 1846, was the Gattys' third daugher. Horatia, took on her mother's seaweed pastime and continued to collate and collect specimens and correspond with marine biologists after her mother's death. She accompanied her mother on all her seaweed collecting expeditions and took part in the laying out and preserving of the specimens that were collected and sent to them. Horatia left the vicarage in Ecclesfield during the 1870s to live in London. In 1889 she married Thomas Bainbridge Eden. Horatia died in Hampstead, London on 4 Nov 1945.
DescriptionFamily papers of Margaret Gatty (née Scott) (1809 - 1873), Juliana Horatia Ewing (née Gatty) (1841 - 1885) and Horatia Katharine Frances Eden (née Gatty) (1846 - 1945).

Correspondence (X671/1)
Sketches and watercolours (X671/2)
Scrapbooks (X671/3)
Photographs (X671/4)
Miscellaneous printed items (X671/5)
Date19th - 20th cent
Extent45 items
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