TitleIbbotson and Hallam Families of Oakes [Farm], Bradfield and later Wharncliffe Lodge, Wortley
AdminHistoryThe records below indicate how the farm at Oakes in Bradfield was divided between Robert Ibbotson and his son Joseph Ibbotson by a memorandum dated Nov 1786. As well as being a farmer at the Oakes in Bradfield, Joseph Ibbotson also served as a 'chapel warden' of Bradfield Chapel in the late 1790s.

The records also show how Joseph Ibbotson continued to pay rent for the Oakes Farm up until 1834. Monumental inscriptions for Bradfield Parish Church of St Nicholas reveal how Joseph Ibbotson of 'Oaks' died on 19 Aug 1834, aged 71. His wife Sarah died on 10 Jul 1837, aged 68. The couple had sons Robert (1789 - 1781), Joseph who died on 6 Feb 1823 (aged 29) and George who died 16 January 1872 (aged 64).

The rent for the farm was paid to Robert Newton (who died 1789) and his successors as landlord, who included the Shawe family and ultimately ended up with Robert Newton Shawe. From 1835, Sarah, John and Robert Ibbotson were evidently renting the Oakes Farm. By 1839 the tenants renting the farm were Messrs George, John and Robert Ibbotson and by 1854 the remaining tenants were John and Robert Ibbotson.

The 1841 census records the 'Oaks' [or Oakes] in Bradfield as occupied by Robert Ibbotson, farmer, aged 50, and his wife Deborah, aged 45, along with Betty Hague (aged 15, who was evidently Deborah's daughter from a previous marriage), Mary Crawshaw (aged 9), John Crawshaw (aged 6) and George Ibbotson (aged 20 who is recorded as a 'male servant'). By the time of the 1851 census, the 'Oaks' [or Oakes] in Bradfield was still occupied by Robert Ibbotson, farmer (aged 60), and his wife Deborah (aged 55). Also residing with them at the farmhouse in 1851 were Deborah's daughter (from a previous marriage) Betty Hallam (nee Hague) (aged 27), and her husband James Hallam (aged 22), their 9 month-old daughter Maria, a servant Thomas Hague (aged 22), and a widowed labourer John Michel (aged 69).

By 1861, the census reveals how Robert Ibbotson had relocated to a farmhouse at Wharncliffe Lodge in the parish of Wortley along with his wife Deborah and his wife's daughter Betty and her husband James Hallam and their daughter Maria Hallam. Later in 1861, James and Betty Hallam had another daughter Lucy. The records below indicate that in 1869 Robert Ibbotson of Wharncliffe Lodge was also granted a licence as a 'dealer in tobacco'.

Robert Ibbotson died on 15 July 1871 aged 81. The National Probate Calendar entry summarising his will (proved October 1871) confirms that the family home at the time of his death was at Wharncliffe Lodge. Robert Ibbotson's wife Deborah died on 6 Mar 1878 aged 81.

Monumental inscriptions for Bradfield Parish Church of St Nicholas reveal that James and Betty Hallam also had another daughter Ruth who died on 19 Feb 1858 aged 5. James Hallam died on 8 Jan 1888, aged 59. His wife Betty died on 24 Sep 1899, aged 76.
Date1786 - 1869
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