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AdminBiogHistoryOn the establishment of the College of St George, Windsor Castle, in 1348, Edward III endowed the College with the churches of Wraysbury, South Tawton, and Uttoxeter. Further benefactions followed, notably those in accordance with Henry VIII's will, until by the 19th century the College of St George had become one of the richest ecclesiastical bodies, owning land in over 300 parishes in 30 different counties of England and Wales.

On 26 June 1867, an Order in Council obliged St George's to surrender its landed property to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners [ECs] in return for a fixed annual sum. Tithes and landed property were transferred, with the ECs in charge of administration of the estates, and the College maintaining the benefices, with rights of presentation.
CustodialHistoryThe property records were kept in the Aerary, a room built in 1353-4 for this purpose. In 1867, the post-1751 property records were transferred to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in London. These records were returned to the College in 1963, and were housed in the Schorn tower before their move to the newly fitted Archives department in the Vicars' Hall Undercroft in 1999.
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