Reference NumberSGC XV.26.18
TitleMembury, Devon. Lease of land.
Date10 September 1550
DescriptionLease made between William Frankelyn, Dean, and the Canons of Windsor (1) and Walter Chase of Membury, tanner, and Marione his wife and William Chase his son. and Juliane Chase and Christiane Chase, daughters of Walter and Marione (2), whereby the Lessors demised all their 'Hedde Meese' [head messuage] or mansion place of their manor of Membury with all such lands and tenements, meadows, pastures, leasures, closes and the dove house there, as belonged to the mansion place, then in the occupation of Walter (except and reserved to the Dean and Canons all woods and underwoods growing upon the same) unto Willam and Marione Chase and William Chase, their son, jointly for the term of their lives and for the longest lived of them and after their death unto Juliane Chase and Christiane Chase for their lives and the longer lived of them, paying therefor the yearly rent of £4. 6s. 8d. by equal instalments at Lady Day and Michaelmas in each year. Covenant by the Lessees to repair and maintain in tenantlike condition the messuage and other buildings of the demised premises and all hedges and ditches of the demised premises; and a grant by the Lessors that the Lessees should have sufficient timber towards these repairs to be appointed by the Lessors' Steward for the time being, and that the Lessees might take sufficient hedgebote, firebote, cartbote and ploughbote for use at the mansion place. Proviso that if the rent should have remained unpaid for two months after having become payable, or if the Lessees should have sold or let the demised premises without the licence of the Dean and Canons or if they should have failed to repair and maintain the demised premises, and monition having been given thereof to the defaulting party by the Steward for the time being, then the Lessors might re-enter and repossess the premises as in their former estate. Covenant by the Lessees to provide board and lodging for the Lessors' Steward for the time being and his servants and hay and provender for his horses and geldings [whenever he should visit there to hold court or for other business (in counterpart only)] during such time as he should stay at Membury. Notice of appointment by the Dean and Canons of William Frye as their attorney to deliver possession to the parties named in accordance with the terms thereof.
[The clauses are not in the same order in Lease and Counterpart].
Extent2 items - Lease & Counterpart
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