Reference NumberSGC XV.26.7
TitleMembury, Devon. Appointment of collectors.
Date12 March 1575
DescriptionDeed made between William Daye, B.D., Dean, and the Canons of Windsor (1) and William Frye of Membury, Devon, esquire, and John Frye of Wyecroft, Devon, gentleman (2). Reciting that William Frankleyn, deceased, former Dean, and the Canons of Windsor had appointed William Frye and John Frye to the office of Collectors or Receivers of the rents, issues and profits of the tithes, garbs, fruits and profits of and in their lordships, manors, lands, possessions etc. in Cornwall, Devon and Wiltshire, which had been granted by King Edward VI by letters patent dated 7 October 1547, to hold such office for their joint lives and the life of the survivor of them at the fee of 20 marks per annum; and that the Dean and Canons had delivered to them a rental with the names and yearly rents of the parsonages, chapels, tithes etc. appointed for collection by William and John Frye. In consideration of the annual fee of 20 marks William and John Frye covenanted: (i) that they or one of them, either themselves or by deputy would well and truly exercise the office and would collect and gather all the rents and revenues of the premises mentioned in the rental as the same became due or within six weeks thereafter: (ii) to pay the same and all arrears by themselves or by deputy, to the Dean and Canons at or before 24 June and 25 December in each year, deducting therefrom their fee of twenty marks, and all other sums as required by the Dean and Canons or their Steward for the time being, and to deliver a declaration in writing how much of the half-year's rent was due and unpaid and in which of the farmers' hands it remained; (iii) between Christmas and Lady Day in each year to make to the Dean and Canons or their Steward, Receiver or other officer, an account of the rents and revenues of the premises or of so much as shall at that time remain in their hands; (iv) at the time of making such yearly account to pay at the Chapel to the Dean and Canons or their Steward or Receiver or other person appointed by them, every sum of money as from time to time should be owed by them on the determination of such account. Proviso that if William and John Frye or their deputies could not afterwards receive the rents and revenues as aforesaid, they should give such information to the Dean and Canons, then the Dean and Canons would not thereafter take advantage of covenants in this deed for failing to collect such rents or revenues.
Witnesses: Edward Fry, Richard Mallet, Richard Calmady.
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