Reference NumberSGC XV.26.37
TitleMembury, Devon. Renewal of lease of pasture.
Date20 December 1703
DescriptionLease by the Dean and Canons of Windsor to William Stocker of Dolwood, Dorset, yeoman, of the then newly-erected messuage or tenement on the parcel of land known as the Lord's Fillett, Membury, containing four acres or thereabouts - Haseland Fillett on the east side, William Roberts' Fillett on the west, Lousley Fillett on the north and the two Quarry fields on the south - for a term of 21 years from Michaelmas 1703, at the annual rent of 6s. 8d., payable by two instalments, at Lady Day and Michaelmas in each year. Covenants by the Lessee: (i) to pay, and to indemnify the Lessors in respect of, all charges and payments, both ordinary and extraordinary, payable in respect of the demised premises; (ii) to keep and yield up the demised premises in repair; and (iii) not to alienate the demised premises (except by will) without the prior licence under seal of the Lessors. Proviso that if the rent should have remained unpaid for six weeks or if the Lessee should have alienated the Lease (otherwise than by will) the term thereby created should cease and be determined.
Witnesses to the execution of the Counterpart by the Lessee: Amos Callard, W. Newbery, Sam. Newbery.
Lease & Counterpart each bear Stamp Duty of 1s.
Extent2 items - Lease & Counterpart
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SealCounterpart bears a small appendant seal with arms - good condition
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