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Gibson-Craig Estate Papers

Title deeds (1480-1776); estate and household papers (1540-1861); judicial papers; documents of debt; family and inheritance records; ecclesiastical records; plans; correspondence; personal records; records relating to the Forster family of Lucker, Northumbria; Archibald Buchanan of Curriehill.
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Bernat Klein

Pattern books, knitting patterns and wool, fabric samples, garments, promotional material, photographs and slides. 1962-2006
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Tweedie Photograph Collection

Photographs and drawings of Currie, Edinburgh and other local communities including Balerno, Juniper Green, Colinton, Swanston, Slateford, Ratho, Hermiston and Cramond. The collection includes images of paper mills, churches, the Gibson-Craig family, Riccarton estate, schools, transport, local societies and general views of local places and people. 1880s-1960s
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Paisley Shawls

Kashmir inspired shawls produced in Edinburgh and Paisley. These include a wide range of styles such as simple Regency style oblongs to striped "Zebra" shawls and large plaids with complex allover patterns. The collection also includes some original shawls from Kashmir and India. 1790s-1870s.
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Donald Brothers

Records of Directors: Articles of Association 1921, Records of Incorporation 1921, Agency agreements 1926-1975, Partnership Agreements 1911-1912, Minutes of Directors 1922-1956; Records of Shareholders 1925; Records of Administration: Letter books and correspondence 1910-1970; Financial Records: Annual accounts 1949-1978, Ledgers 1907-1918. Records of Pattern Design: Pattern Books: Designers (1914-1936); Canvasses (1896-1946)), Linens (1907-1946), Tissues (1910-1946) and Unnumbered (1945-1972); Sample pieces of printed and woven fabric and colour blankets 1923 - 1968; Colour Atlases - reference books, Loose patterns and designs 1927-1960, Design patents 1909-1949, Records of Designers 1990s. Sales Records: Counter Books 1915-1939; Sales Cards c. 1980 - 1984; Bunches no date. Staff Records: Pensions 1943-1951, Personal 1888-1891. Property Records: Inventories and Valuations 1880-1924. Marketing and PR: Leaflets 1960s-1980s, Company Inventories 1845-2002, Press cuttings 1949-1980, Photographs 1905-1970. Relations with External Bodies: Awards 1960-1974, Brochure 1970s, Articles 1897-1995.
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Watt copier

James Watt invented this copier to make the tedious task of copying letters and plans easier. The Press copies a document written with special ink by pressing it against thin, translucent paper producing a reversed copy. Watt patented the device in 1780 and his company continued to produce it long after his death. The principal on which the machine is based remained in use until the arrival of modern photocopiers. The copier consists of a metal processing tray in drawer, brass roller and felt board mangle for printing, detachable operating handle, folding writing desk, ink block, in polished teak case. Also letter written by Watt and copied on the copying press.
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Art Collection

The Art collection includes portraits of people associated with the University and its predecessor institutions as well as the history of the Riccarton campus. These include portraits of the Gibson-Craig Family, owners of the Riccarton Estate, by Raeburn and of James Watt by Beechey and Harvey as well as portraits of the University staff. There are also contemporary works, including works by artists of the Edinburgh School, and sculptures commissioned for display on campus
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School of Arts

Records of Governors 1821-1884; Records of Finance 1821-1874;Calendars 1875-1886; Records of the Secretary 1824-1885; Addresses delivered by guests 1840-1882; Records of Student Work 1863-1883; Records of the Library 1738-1878; records of Staff and Student bodies 1828-1870; Photographs and Illustrations1868-1938; Promotional records 1835-1836; Publications 1823-1868; Records from external sources 1821-1973; Biographical information 1799-1986.
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