Ref NoMCR/4/2/1
Alt Ref NoMR/87
geographical classification 4.4
TitleChina and Tibet: Miscellaneous
DescriptionManuscript and typescript letters and reports, printed documents and press cuttings regarding subjects of botanical and economic interest relating to China and Tibet, including individuals and organisations exchanging botanical specimens with Kew. Includes letters to Joseph Hooker, Thiselton-Dyer, Prain, Hill, Stapf and Cotton; with letters from Hill and Prain. Includes correspondence with the Foreign Office and Colonial Office, and letters to Joseph Hooker from Colman Macaulay regarding Tibet.

Volume includes sections on the following subjects:

-- Canton Christian College --
(Ff50-54) Papers regarding a botanical survey of South China and on botanical specimens, including the McClure collection of Hainan plants.

-- Cowdry, N. H. --
(Ff55-59, 86-89) Includes letters regarding seeds sent to Kew from the Peking Union Medical College for identification.

-- Dunn, S. T. [Stephen Troyte Dunn] --

-- Hu, H. H. [Hu Xiansu or Hu Hsien-Hsu] --
(Ff73-) Papers regarding establishment of the Department of Botany, National Southeastern University, Nanking, China; and on sending specimens to Kew.

-- Learner, The Rev. F. D. [Frank Doggett Learner] --

-- Sericulture --
(Ff1-49) Includes papers regarding specimens of cocoons and acorns sent to Kew, and 'questions and answers on the rearing of silk worms and the cultivation of the mulberry'. Includes:

- E Bretschneider, ON CHINESE SILKWORM TREES (1881).

-- Skrine, C. P. --

-- Tibet, Memorandum on relations with, --

-- Tibet, Mission to, --

-- Tibet, Trade between India and, --

-- Tibet, Wool regions of, --

-- Wei hai wei [Weihaiwei] waste areas, planting of, --
Date31 Mar 1866-2 Jul 1925
SubjectBotanical specimens
Commercial products
Tibet Region
FormatManuscript papers
Published documents
Press cuttings
DS/UK/89Hooker; Sir; Joseph Dalton (1817-1911); Knight; Botanist and second director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew1817-1911
DS/UK/90Thiselton-Dyer; Sir; William (1843-1928); Knight; British botanist and third director of Kew1843-1928
DS/UK/187Prain; Sir; David (1857-1944); Knight; British botanist and director of Kew1857-1944
DS/UK/141Hill; Sir; Arthur William (1875-1941); Knight; British botanist and director of Kew1875-1941
DS/UK/318Stapf; Otto (1857-1933); Austrian botanist and taxonomist1857-1933
DS/UK/22Cotton; Arthur Disbrowe (1879-1962); English plant pathologist, mycologist, phycologist and botanist1879-1962
DS/UK/321United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; Foreign Office; 1782-19681782-1968
DS/UK/153Great Britain and Ireland; Colonial Office; 1854-19661854-1966
DS/UK/427Macaulay; Colman (1849-1890); Administrator1849-1890
DS/UK/428Cowdry; Nathaniel Harrington (1849-1925); Banker and Plant Collector1849-1925
DS/UK/429Dunn; Stephen Troyte (1868-1938); Botanist1868-1938
DS/UK/431Hu Xiansu (1894-1968); Botanist1894-1968
DS/UK/432Bretschneider; Emil (1833-1901); Sinologist1833-1901
DS/UK/430Skrine; Clarmont Percival (1888-1974); Diplomat1888-1974
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