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Alt Ref NoMR/96
geographical classification 4.4
TitleChina: Index Florae Sinensis
DescriptionManuscript and typescript letters and memorandums, printed documents and press cutting regarding the production of the INDEX FLORAE SINENSIS. AN ENUMERATION OF ALL THE PLANTS KNOWN FROM CHINA PROPER, FORMOSA, HAINAN, COREA, THE LUCHU ARCHIPELAGO, AND THE ISLAND OF HONG KONG. Volume includes minutes and correspondence of the Chinese Flora Committee [comprising Thiselton-Dyer, Professor Oliver, John Ball, and William Carruthers] and funding by the Royal Society, the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Linnean Society. Includes letters to and from the members of the committee, and the authors Francis Blackwell Forbes and William Botting Hemsley. Includes papers regarding Augustine Henry, E H Wilson, 'C J Maximowicz' Karl Maximovich and Ferdinand von Richthofen.

Volume is arranged in the following sections:

-- Historical note; proof --

-- Report on Flora: minutes of Committee; Government Grant --

-- British Association [for the Advancement of Science] --

-- Chinese Flora Committee; accounts --
(Ff56-87) Includes papers regarding financial disagreement.

-- Correspondence --

-- Distribution --

-- Map of China --
(Ff222-223) Printed map, May 1878, including the routes followed by missionaries.

-- Miscellaneous papers, re E H Wilson, etc. --
(Ff224-) Papers including article regarding 'The Gorges of the Yang-Tsze', and report from Wilson to Thiselton-Dyer regarding botanical and ethnographical observations from a botanical expedition in the provinces of Kweichow, Yunnan and Szechuen.
DateMay 1878-9 Jan 1906
FormatManuscript papers
Published documents
Press cuttings
DS/UK/90Thiselton-Dyer; Sir; William (1843-1928); Knight; British botanist and third director of Kew1843-1928
DS/UK/451Oliver; Daniel (1830-1916); English botanist1830-1916
DS/UK/85Ball; John (1818-1889)1818-1889
DS/UK/454London; Linnean Society; 1788-.1788-.
DS/UK/91Hemsley; William Botting (1843-1924); English botanist1843-1924
DS/UK/225Henry; Augustine (1857-1930); botanical collector and dendrologist1857-1930
DS/UK/407Wilson; Ernest Henry (1876-1930); Plant Collector and Botanist1876-1930
DS/UK/512Great Britain and Ireland; Royal Society; 1663-1663-
DS/UK/511British Association for the Advancement of Science; 1831-1831-
DS/UK/507Forbes; Francis Blackwell (1839-1908); botanist1839-1908
DS/UK/508Maximovich; Karl Ivanovich (1827-1891); botanist1827-1891
DS/UK/509Richthofen; Ferdinand von (1833-1905); Baron; geographer and scientist1833-1905
DS/UK/513Great Britain and Ireland; Chinese Flora Committee; ?1878-1906?1878-1906
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