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Research Services

If you are unable to visit in person and would like a staff member to check documents on your behalf, we offer paid research options. We charge £21.00 per 30 minutes of research undertaken. Please indicate on your completed order form how much time you would like us to spend on your request.


We can produce high quality copies of documents from our collections to order. These can be supplied as paper copies by post or digital images which we can email or transfer to a CD.

The cost of copies will vary according to the techniques required to produce the copy. This is determined by the dimensions, condition and preservation requirements of each original document. Please see the Reprographics Price Guide for a detailed breakdown of these costs.

To place an order please complete a Reprographics Order form and return it to us by email or post. We aim to complete all orders within 28 days of receipt.


If you would like to reproduce a copy in a publication, website, broadcast or public display you must apply in writing to Lincolnshire.archives@lincolnshire.gov.uk.

Our charges for licensing vary depending on the required use of the image.
Lincolnshire Archives – Fees and charges - Lincolnshire County Council

Talks and Tours

We provide a range of group sessions which can include a tour of the archive 'behind the scenes' and access to records in the Tennyson Research Centre. Previous groups have included schools, universities, community groups and anyone with an interest in our collections. Please contact us for more information.

Get Involved & Preserve your Documents

Do you have records which provide unique or interesting information about Lincolnshire's past or present?
Do you wish to ensure that these records are preserved for future generations?
Would you like to make them available for research?

We provide secure and environmentally controlled storage. Lincolnshire Archives is also a member of the Archive Service Accreditation, which defines good practice and agreed standards for archive services across the UK.

Archive Service Accreditation also provides assurance that standards are being maintained by archive services that have been approved as Places of Deposit by the National Archives.

Our Collections Management Policy shows how we decide what to collect and what qualifies for inclusion in our collections.

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