RepositoryTennyson Research Centre
TitleTennyson Family Libraries, Letters, Manuscripts and Papers
DescriptionLibraries, manuscripts, proofs, letters, accounts and other family papers of the Tennyson family.

The Libraries of:
Alfred Tennyson (1809 - 1892): About 4,000 books often annotated by the poet laureate. (TRC/AT)
George Clayton Tennyson (1778 -1831): Tennyson's father. 700 volumes from Tennyson's childhood reading. They include a Nuremburg bible and early travellers' tales. (TRC/GCT)
Charles Tennyson Turner (1808 -1879): Tennyson's brother and a minor poet whose Lincolnshire library contains many editions in their original publishers' wrappers. (TRC/CTT)
Hallam Tennyson (1852 -1928): Tennyson's son who became Governor General of Australia. (TRC/HT)
Emily Tennyson (1813 -1896): Tennyson's wife and the niece of John Franklin, the explorer. (TRC/ET)
And also some books belonging to other members of the family.

Letters: There are over 9,000 letters to and from Tennyson, family members and eminent Victorians, such as Queen Victoria
Edward Lear, Robert Browning, Henry Irving,William Gladstone, Julia Margaret Cameron. (TRC/LETTERS)

Illustrations and Photographs:Of Tennyson, his work and the places and people associated with him, including unique photographs by the pioneer photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron. (TRC/IMAGES)

Proofs: 200 publishers' proofs, some heavily corrected in the poet's hand. (TRC/P)

Manuscripts: These include In Memoriam, Tennyson's great poem about grief and loss, early drafts of The Charge of the Light Brigade and the little-known plays. (TRC/M)

Family Papers: Diaries, notebooks, sketch books, household and publishers' accounts, bringing alive the social and economic atmosphere of the 19th century. More of these records will soon be available(TRC/N; TRC/ACCOUNTS;)

Biography and Criticism: A comprehensive collection of books and articles, both contemporary and modern, dealing with his life and works. (TRC/BC)

Tennyson's works: An almost complete set of first and other important editions of the poetry. (TRC/W)

Objects belonging to Tennyson and members of his family are catalogued separately (LCNTE:)
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