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TitleMemorial Poems sent to the family of Alfred Tennyson after his death
DescriptionFrom the papers of Hallam Tennyson. 126 items. Collection of poems written on the death of Alfred Tennyson by members of the public and sent to Tennyson's family. Some are in manuscript and some are printed. They suggest Tennyson's international appeal. Amongst their number are:
1 Poem from Gladys, age 10. Vancouver, BC
28 A poem from Perth Australia
32 A poem from M. M. Collins, a 90 year old from Bath
34 A ten page poem handwritten to Lady Tennyson from T (?) Gertrude Ford
40 A poem and eulogium presented to Lady Tennyson by Levelin, an Irishman.
41 A poem from Reverend E. H. Dewart, D.D. of Toronto, Canada.
46 A printed copy of a poem in memorian signed by the author, Helen Eyles, "a sincere sympathizer."
61 A signed copy of A Memorial Sermon by Rev. Alfred J. Harvey, M.A.
71 A poem dedicated to Hallam Tennyson in memory of his father from Matthew Johnston, Inspector of Police, Bridgeton Glasgow
81 A poem written to Hallam from one of England's poor to show him the esteem in which Tennyson was held by a working man. From A. Martell
84 The Irish Temperance League Journal, Nov. 1, 1892, fully intact with a memoriam poem "THe Death of Tennyson" on page 168.
87 A memoriam poem written in French by J. Pinot de Moira
98 A typed poem, handwritten letter and envelope addressed to Lady Tennyson to be read and accepted. Written by Edward Penna.
99 Edward Penna sends the same poem to Lord Hallam Tennyson to be read and accepted as well. Same handwritten letter with the only difference being that Edward mentions that he had submitted a poem to Lord Tennyson in 1888 for criticism and received a complimentary letter from Lord Tennyson back.
110 Poem written by Herbert Sleigh on receiving the last letter from Lord Tennyson. Dated, Haslemere, Sept. 29, 1892. Printed privately for: Lord H. Tennyson, His Grace the Archbishop of Cantebury, Oscar Browning, Esq, MA, Professor Nixon, Lewis Morris, Esq, MA, Professor J. Stuart Blackie, Walter Besant, Esq, and Members of the Society of Authors, The Rev. E J Stone, MA, The Rev. E. Gardiner, MA, The Rev. - Kingsford, MA, The Rev H E J Bevan, MA, E H Pickersgill, Esq, MP, C. Welch, Esq, F.S.A., The Rev. H. Burden, B.A.m D. Bayles, Esq., The Members of The Browning Society. (Four copies total)
111 A letter to Hallam from Josiah Reniek Smith of Columbus, Ohio, with an attached newspaper print of his poem written in remembrance of Tennyson. In the handwritten letter he tells how Tennyson cheered him with his works for the last 20 years and asks for a photograph. He apologizes for his intrusion of privacy. The letter is written on stationary from Ohio State University, Columbus, Department of Greek. Written Nov 22, 1892
126 Wycliffe Congregational Church, Tennyson Memorial Service, Oct 23, 1892, Service Programme.
FormatManuscript and printed document
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