RepositoryTennyson Research Centre
TitlePapers relating to Tennyson and Sir James Knowles
DescriptionPapers relating to Sir James Knowles 'Aspects of Tennyson' and other material. This includes
1. A pencil sketch by Tennyson for Beatrice Knowles.
2. Annotated proof copies of Aspects of Tennyson published in The Nineteenth Century January 1893.
3. A private printing for Hallam Tennyson of 'The Metaphysical Society', 1897, ms notes relating to articles for The Nineteenth Century.
4. Notes about Hallam Tennyson.
5. Corrected proofs of poems on Tennyson by Huxley, Myers, Noel, Palgrave, de Vere, Watts and Knowles for Nineteenth Century November 1892.
6. Letters (in main letters boxes)
7. Tennyson's Arthurian poem, reprinted from The Spectator 1 January 1870.
8. Drafts for article in Nineteenth Century on Tennyson by James Knowles Janujary 1893.
9. Double sheet of notes, 1872 including Tennyson's 'The Lord has grown as commonplace' in Knowles hand and various memories of Tennyson.
10. The Dolorous Stroke. Ms notebook. Dictation prose version of Balin and Balan, c 1872.
11. The Idylls of the King. Privately printed for Hallam Tennyson, 1897 3pp includes Tennyson's poem, 'The Christ of Ammergau.'
12. Newspaper cutting about sale of Knowles ms in 1928.
13. Notes from Priscilla Metcalf.
The papers had been kept by Knowles's grand-daughter Eirene Skilbeck (d1969) and used by Prscilla Metcalf in her biography of Knowles. They were presented to the TRC by the kindness of Cuthbert Skilbeck and Dr Metcalf in 1978
Date1861 -1928
FormatManuscript and proof
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