RepositoryTennyson Research Centre
DescriptionThere are 200 volumes of proofs and in the TRC, about 17,000 pages in total. Many sets show that Tennyson would enter his alterations and additions by hand, so the resulting volume is a combination of revised printed text and manuscript. Proofs include: The Death of Oenone; the Examiner 1852, Locksley Hall Sixty Years After; Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington; Poems Chiefly Lyrical; Poems 1833; Poems 1842; Tiresias; The Lover's Tale;The Cup; Becket; Harold; The Foresters; Queen Mary; The Promise of May; The Princess; Works 1884; Ballads and other Poems; Demeter; Enoch Arden; Idylls of the King and Trial Books of In Memoriam and Maud. Proofs of single poems include Achilles over the Trench; Attempts at Classic Metres; Aylmer's Field; Carmen Saeculare; The Charge of the Heavy Brigade; The Charge of the Light Brigade; The Death of the Duke of Clarence and Avondale; Despair; Early Spring; 1865-1866; Enoch; Epitaph on General Gordon; Epitaph on Lord Stratford; Experiments; Frater Ave atque Vale; The Grandmother; On a Spiteful Letter (both the latter in Once a Week andGrandmother illustrated by Millais); Hands all Round; Lucretius; Ode on the Opening of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition; Lucretius (photocopies); The Throstle; Tithonus; The Throstle; Tithonus; To HRH Princess Beatrice; To Macready; To the Queen; Vastness; The Victim; Virgil; A Welcome [to HRH Marie Alexandrovna]; The Window;
CategoryLiterary manuscripts
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