Ref NoLA/6/1/50
TitleDiary, Lindsay Anderson
DescriptionDiscussion of film and stage projects with Richard Harris which never came to fruition; visits to Warsaw to direct Inadmissible Evidence; visit to Prague; visit to Rome to visit Lorenza Mazzetti and Venice for the Venice Film Festival; work on the editing of The White Bus; screening The White Bus for friends and critical reviews of the film; production of The Cherry Orchard at Chichester; family problems; the death of George Devine; Venice film festival; discussing his creative process; problems with the Red, White and Zero trilogy of which The White Bus was a part; loose page LA/6/1/50/103 and LA/6/1/50/104, incomplete diary entry re memorial service for George Devine at the Royal Court Theatre; loose page LA/6/1/50/105 - LA/6/1/50/108, diary entry discussing difficulties re proposed project with Richard Harris ('Dylan'); loose page LA/6/1/50/109 and LA/6/1/50/110, diary entry re disagreements with Richard Harris over proposed theatre project ('Dylan') and discussing family events; loose page LA/6/1/50/111 - LA/6/1/50/114, diary entry re disagreements with Richard Harris over proposed theatre project ('Dylan'); LA/6/1/50/115 and LA/6/1/50/116 loose page, summary of visit to Warsaw to direct Inadmissible Evidence
Extent116 pages
TermThe White Bus
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
The Ginger Man
Projects, film
Projects, stage
The Cherry Orchard (1966)
Inadmissible Evidence
Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment
Red, White and Zero

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